Deck Cleaning

Power-Washing is the Best Way to Clean Your Deck Properly. Do You Have What it Takes to Do It Yourself?

Quite of few inexperienced homeowners still believe deck cleaning can be easily done by either scrubbing or mopping like navy sailors do on big ships. Now, while this won't hurt doing from time to time in order to clean plain dirt and dust, you definitely won't be able to remove mold and mildew from the wooden boards of your deck without professional power/pressure washing.

Professional power-washing treatments of your deck are compulsory in case you want a truly clean deck. Now I want you to pay attention to how even pressure washing may not do the job. Watch the above video and you'll see that in most cases, the lack of proper power-washing machinery for staining a deck can lead to mildew remaining on your boards.

So don't try to be cheap on this one and go the DIY route, even if you've been told multiple times washing your deck is very easy. It may seem easy if we are talking about scrubbing. Serious deck sealing is not possible without professional power-washing. If you're professional, well, go ahead and do it yourself. However, if you are NOT, then do yourself a service and HIRE a professional, or at least check how much contracting one is going to cost you.