Deck Refinishing

Searching for a Qualified Local Carpenter to Handle the Finishing of Your Deck?

Finishing a deck is not as easy as most people think it is and will require some advanced skills. It starts with installing the railings, which is usually should be the nr 1 on the list. Lowes recommends following any local building codes, like rail high and balance specifications. Here is what you are going to need in order to get started with installing the railing: deck posts, balusters, 2x4s and 5/4 decking, tape measure, pencil and square, level, post level, circular saw and a hand saw, mitre saw, 3 lb. hammer, drill with bits, socket wrench and sockets, carriage bolts, washers and nuts, screws, work glows, dust mask and safety glasses.

While this video by Lowes, embeded on this page, makes it look quite easy, I'm positively sure you will find it absolutely overwhelming, especially if you do not have all the tools listed in the above paragraph (which cost can go up to several thousand US dollars). So in most of the cases, if doing your math right, you understand that it may be much more affordable to actually delegate the whole finishing task to a licensed local carpenter who knows what he's doing, then investing all that money in the deck finishing products and tools.

The decision is up to you, but it always makes sense to do some investigation on the deck finishing cost and quotes by some local carpentry companies in your city or town. Follow the link below to learn more.